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I have been creating art as long as I can remember. I started with sketch books. I would sketch my ideas on paper imitating comic book characters and cartoons. As I grew older, my style grew toward graffiti art. I spent a lot of time on the streets skateboarding as a young lad. I began spray painting on walls, under bridges, trains and the sides of buildings. The problem is, society calls this vandalism.  I was arrested 3 times for illegal paining.


Airbrushing was the next step in my evolution. Airbrushing allowed me to the detail to be able to paint the interior of homes, businesses and on canvases. I recognized the ability to take passion and create a career. I started painting on canvas with acrylic paint. I would touch up the painting with my airbrush. I started to sell my art in North County San Diego California. I began to paint what I wanted to portray to the world. I incapsulated symbolism, occult and aliens into my artist expression.

I also began to focus my efforts on government corruption, the poison of fast food and GMO’s. All this effort led me to create a spokesman for my art. His name is Mr. Morgellons. The persona, which you will see appear from time to time, is fully equipped with a custom straight jacket, Ronald McDonald zombie. Mr. MK Ultra is another alias that my viewers know me by.


It wasn’t long before I was invited to exhibit my artwork in galleries in Hollywood and Las Vegas. I quickly recognized that my persona, Mr. Morgelloons, attracted a lot of attention when showcasing my art to the world.  I went into business for myself around this time. I would get prints made of all my artwork. Nevada Art Printers in Las Vegas was a great resource for me at that time. It gave me the opportunity to get my work out to the world at a price point the average consumer could afford.


I soon got a little traction monetarily with some of my art attracting decent sums of money. My main goal was to sell my prints  to as many people that I could. I began travelling to events like Comicon, Alien Con, and street show fairs and private event to exhibit my paintings. I would bring Mr. Morgellons with me to speak to the crows about the artistic expression of my work.


I was on track to bring attention to my art in a number of formats. I currently work with Joshua Hanna to develop my online presence. I sell my prints online at mr.morgellons.com along with my original paintings.